This episode is focused on something that's an art form unto itself: The Art of Pitching. Pitching is like a muscle that you develop over time as you understand your unique value, how to set boundaries for the work you're pitching as well as identify your stakeholders to build trust. It's important to understand the client's requirements, goals, audience and even prior campaigns to make sure you're prepared to build a pitch that is clean, slick and true to your own brand.

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*Guest bios *
Navjeet Chhina and Marah Berezowsky are respectively Founder and CEO and VP of Marketing and Communications at Genius Ventures (@geniusventuresinc on Instagram), a Metaverse innovation studio for the world's leading brands. Navjeet is devoted to helping XR, Metaverse and 5G reach mass adoption by showcasing how forward thinking, innovative technologies can create business impact and help brands connect with their customers on a deeper emotional level. Marah is a creative technologist and XR developer who believes in a future where augmented reality will enhance the human experience and make our daily lives more efficient.

Tom Bourret is a co-founder of the AR agency, Simone (@simone_creativestudio on Instagram). With a background in VFX, he has been specializing in 3D animation while creating bespoke AR experiences. He is currently working within Meta's Creative Shop as an AR specialist, pushing the boundaries and visuals of what can be done in social AR, leveraging the overall quality level to offer the best experience possible for our clients.